Assigning the services of mobile notary officials

Assigning the services of mobile notary officials

People make use of the notary public for various reasons throughout their life. Since everyone keeps documents in their homes and some documents are very important that needs to be properly signed and kept. It is a fact that the more legalized a document is, the more they want to protect it by trusting a source that is reliable, recognized, and at the same time, vouches for the seal that is shown in the documents. The notary public is, therefore, an important source that plays a vital role in people’s lives.

In case the clients cannot visit the notary public, they can call for a mobile Notary Pleasanton. This service offers the flexibility of time and location so that clients who are not able to move freely can get the work done by calling the notary officers themselves. The mobile notary Pleasanton officer will travel to them which can be at the adoption agency, the doctor’s office, etc. and notarize their documents for a very affordable rate.

The clients must have identification cards that contain a photo, physical description, signature, and serial number. They must be current and/or have been issued within five years. Some of the acceptable identification includes a driver’s license or ID issued by a US state, Mexican or Canadian driver license, US Military identification card. They can also use their foreign passport if stamped by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, a US passport or an Inmate ID issued by the California Department of Corrections.

Birth certificates, expired licenses, Social security cards, and credit cards are considered as not acceptable forms of identification. So clients have to be prepared with the mentioned proper ID before notarizing their documents. Most of the officials are not an attorney and cannot help them fill out or choose forms or give legal advice about immigration.

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