Dent repair kits features

Dent repair kits features

A paintless dent repair kit is a vital tool that every owner should always have in the car. The kit allows you to restore your vehicle to the factory-fresh look without incurring service costs of a professional mechanic. And as the name suggests, this kit comes equipped with tools required to remove car dents and perform other works in your car. However, if you go looking for your car, you may find it a bit challenging since different kits come with various tools and varying price tags.

Many dent pdr tools that work contain a puller, tabs, hot glue gun, glue sticks, and scraper. More comprehensive or expensive kits may include a few other items. Puller: bridge puller- this is the most common. Even the cheapest kits usually contain a bridge puller, which can create considerable force. A central threaded knob does the actual pulling. Gold puller- this type is so-called because they are almost all gold-colored. It has two levers that are squeezed together. They can be quicker than bridge pullers, and it is easier to vary the power, but unless you have a phenomenal grip, they don’t exert the same maximum force.

Slide hammer- also sometimes called a T-bar, these are usually only found in the most comprehensive kits. It is a freehand puller that does not come into contact with the body, just the tab. Tab: there are two types of the tab- plastic and threaded. Some dent repair kits have both, but many just have the plastic which is easier to use. The advantage with threaded tabs is that they allow more power to be exerted, though they only fit specific threaded bridge pullers.

Hot glue: hot glue guns- these range from 40 watts to 100 watts. We should always err on the side of more power because the gun is ready sooner and it melts the glue more thoroughly. If the glue is not melted properly, the tab will just fall off the body, which is very frustrating. Glue sticks- these are usually supplied, but you don’t always get very many. Other dent repair kits items include scraper, bottle, cloth gloves, hammer, LED lamp, storage, and instructions.

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