Ophthalmic instruments at Ophthalmetry

Ophthalmic instruments at Ophthalmetry

Ophthalmetry provides ophthalmic instruments and supplies used optical equipment from the world’s leading brands. Based in Singapore, the online platform passionately pursue both innovative and affordable products such as the Retinal cameras, Fundus Camera, Tonometers, Lasik Laser, Retinal Imaging, Auto Refractors, and Keratometers, Nidek Oct, etc. The products available are ideal for professionals in this critical healthcare field. Customers of Ophthalmetry need not worry while purchasing the products as all the ophthalmic instruments are of top quality. In case of any inquiry, they can also make use of Ophthalmetry customer service. While ordering online, there is a 30-days money-back guarantee with free shipping.

The online store has different types of Slit Lamp. A Slit Lamp is a device that every ophthalmologist must-have. It is an instrument perceived to be a valued collaborator when it comes to up and close views of the eyeball and its structures. A typical Tonometers features a powerful biomicroscope that has a pivoting illuminator, also known as the slit proper. All Slit Lamps are designed in a fully integrated system that makes it possible for ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals to examine various parts of the human eye with great details.

Eye care specialists can find the Haag-Streit BQ 900 Slit Lamp at Ophthalmetry. This device is equipped by default using a Galilean Microscope supplying a magnification range from 6.3 x up to 40 x selectable in 5 fixed steps. The large light transmission and the excellence guarantee a clinical perspective that is superb. The large diameter of the exit students allows evaluation that is fatigue-free even on extended days.

Customers can also check out the different range of Zeiss Oct. CARL ZEISS Stratus Oct III 3000 Tomographer optimize the diagnosis monitoring of retinal disease with real-time cross-sectional images and quantitative analysis of retinal features. The Stratus Oct III comes with technology for high-resolution scans and produces images and analyzes macular thickness.

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