Symptoms of canine diabetes

Symptoms of canine diabetes

One of the most common diseases prevailing in today’s time is probably the sugar disease called diabetes. It is a chronic disease that affects both human beings and thier animal friends, especially cats and dogs. The disease cannot be fully cured but it can be managed properly if steps are taken to control it. In the case of dogs, diabetes usually occurs as a metabolism disorder. If the early symptoms are detected the dog will have more chances of taking curative steps to successfully feel better. Residue food by companies such as 4health dry dog food or the evolve dog food is highly recommended by the veterinarian.

There are many early symptoms associated with the disease. The foremost is the tendancy to feel extremely thirsty. If the dog drink water more frequently than the other times, the owner need to check on the situation. Increased urination is another symptom of the sugar disease that occurs because of excessive drinking of water. The body will try to release or get rid of excess sugar in the body by excreting it out in the form of urine. Along with the water molecules, the sugar particles are sent out.

The dog will have increased appetite and be hungry all the time despite having sufficient amount of best low residue dog food. This occurs because the dog’s body is withdrawing from the process of conversion of food into nutrients. The dog’s body will also continue to be hungry at all times as the cells don’t function properly and don’t get any kind of glucose even after regular intake of food by the dog.

There are other tell signs such as depressed attitude and not being lively enough. Vomiting is also another kind of symptom in most of the dogs. There are a lots of adverse changes that take place in the internal body of the poor dog. They can lead to a number of health hazards.

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